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Help with a credit card

Discussion in 'Carding Tutorials' started by peachthemofo, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. peachthemofo

    peachthemofo Registered User Darkpro Member

    i've never done this before, im just starting here's my probleme.

    I got a credit card, i can prolly max it out to 10k min its from a business, im trynna buy as much shits as i can online without getting caught obviously. I know a couple things about carding but i need to be sure to anonymous, i already have a vpn but i need to buy some socks or most likely learn about it, is it really needed if your browser is clean and untraceable. i've heard people sending it to drop services, but is it really needed ? Or will big business will ask for your adress then send it to the police if they are asked. And is a rdp really necessary ? I'm pretty much looking for some tips.

    Another thing. i should probably make another thread for this, but i got a shit ton of informations of someone who stole me 750$. I fucked his girl but i feel like its not enough. i got his birthday certificate, last report card, social insurance number and his passport. I know where his mom lives. what could I do with all that info ? i have a couple ideas but was wondering what would be the best. ight peace guys

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